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Canola in Urdu cultivation in Pakistan / کینولہ کی کاشت

Last updated on September 9th, 2022 at 11:03 am

Find the latest literature from best institutes in Pakistan for Canola in Urdu

Literature 1: Canola in Urdu, Oilseeds Research Institute, Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Literature 2: Canola in Urdu, Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited, Pakistan

Canola Cultivation in Pakistan – Complete Production Technology


  • Chakwal Sarsoon,
  • Punjab Canola,
  • Faisal Canola,
  • AARI canola,
  • PARC Canola
  • Super Raya,
  • Khanpur Raya,
  • DGL.

Rapeseed ( Brassica napus L.)

  • Faisal Canola
  • Punjab Canola
  • Hyola 401
  • Rustam Canola

Mustard (Brassica juncea L.)

  • AARI Canola

Seed Rate of Canola in Urdu

  • 2 kg per acre

Sowing Time

  • Northern Punjab = 15 September – 30th  October
  • Central & Southern Punjab =  1st – 30th October
  • Canola crop sown up to 7th  October remains safe from aphid attack.

Soil Type Required

  • All type of Soils except Water Logged & Saline
  • Well Aerated and Good Drainage
  • pH Range = 6 – 8

Land Preparation

  • Well prepared , fine textured soil by
  • •2-3 ploughings followed by planking in fallow land
  • •4-5 ploughings followed by planking if sowing after harvest of crop
  • •Double rowny if water available

Sowing Method

1. Line Sowing with Drill:

  • Row x Row distance     =    1.5 feet (45cm)

2. Broadcasting:

  • •Broadcast seed in well moist soil in both directions
  • •Evenly Distribute Seed
  • •Light planking after Broadcast

3. Ridge Sowing

In case of late sowing:

  • •Prepare dry land
  • •Broadcast the seed
  • •Make ridges R x R = 1.5 feet
  • •Then irrigate the field

4. Intercropping in Sugarcane:

  • 1 row of Canla between two rows of sugarcane
  • 1kg seed/ acre

Fungicides for Seed Treatment

  • Thiofinnate methyl (Topsin M) @ 2g/kg seed
  • Difenconazole (Score) @ 1g/kg seed
  • Carbendazim 2g/kg seed
  • Hombre ( Tiboconazole + Imidacloprid )
  • Homray Super @10 ml/kg seed
  • Algier Super @ 9g/kg seed


  • DAP = 1 bag (50 kg)
  • Urea = 1 bag (50 kg)
  • SOP/MOP = 1 bag 50 kg


  • First at Seedling Stage (1 month after germination)
  • Second at Flowering Stage
  • 3rd at Seed Development Stage
  • For Barani area rainfall within 30 days of sowing and 60 days of sowing are best for its growth


  • At four leaves stage before 1st irrigation
  • Plant x Plant distance  = 4″ – 6″
  • Plant population must be 60,000/acre

Weeds Control for Canola in urdu

Manual weed control

  • 1st weed eradication before 1st irrigation (Dry Hoeing)
  • 2nd weed eradication after 1st irrigation at wattar condition

Chemical weed control

  • Dual Gold 800ml/120 litre water after sowing at wattar condition.


  • Harvest the crop when 50-60% seed turn brown/black in central pods at main branches


  • Dry up harvested crop for 8-10 days
  • Thresh dry crop with thresher
  • Thresh crop when moisture content of the seed is 12-15%
  • Dry up the Threshed seed up to 8% moisture level

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