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Agri-MCQs #9: Recent Advances in Agronomy

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1. Stress can be induced by various factors including diseases, cold or pesticides and
a. Rain
b. Wind
* c. Drought
d. None of above

2. The MIRS technique is currently used for identifying ideal combination of natural products to combat disease and
a. Pest
* b. Stress
c. Drought
d. None of the above

3. By applying ____________ at the right time, grain formation can be stimulated.
a. Irrigation
* b. Fertilizer
c. Pesticide
d. None of the above

4. Fertilizer application at right time in rice reduced the emission of
a. Nitrogen
b. Ozone
* c. Methane
d. None of the above

5. Rice cultivation is responsible for _______ of global methane emissions
a. 5-10%
* b. 10-16%
c. 20-30%
d. More than 25%

6. Zero tillage increased production ______ by reducing the cost of fuel and labour.
a. 10-15%
* b. 4-10%
c. 15-20%
d. None of the above

7 Crop yield difference between conventional tillage and no tillage depend on climatic region, soil type and _____
a. Labour
* b. Crop rotation
c. Crop
d. None of the above

8 Remote sensing is a _______ technique for research in agriculture
a. Old
* b. New
c. Primary
d. None of the above

9. The crop yield models may be (1) Climatological model (2) Water stress model (3) __________
a. Environmental model
b. Soil model
* c. Crop growth model
d. None of the above

10. Crop growth model takes into account the ___________ demand and its various stages of growth add 50% factor.
a. Respiration
b. Transpiration
* c. Evapotranspiration
d. Evaporation

11. Seed from flowering sugarcane plant is called
a. Achene
* b. Fuzz
c. Ear
d. Grain

12. Rice plant respires via __________
a. Parenchyma cell
* b. Aerenchyma cell
c. Chlorenchyma cell
d. None of the above

13. An economical alternative of rice transplanting to a traditional practices is
* a. Parachute rice transplanting
b. Direct seeding
c. Transplanting
d. None of the above

14. Black layer appears at physiological maturity in
a. Rice
* b. Maize
c. Cotton
d. Wheat

15. By parachute transplanting rice, saving of labour is
a. 40%
b. 30%
* c. 60-70%
d. 50%

16. Parachute transplanting of rice saved irrigation water
a. 30%
b. 20%
* c. 60%
d. 10%

17. A tractor drawn ZDTD has been developed for sowing of
a. Rice
b. Maize
c. Sugarcane
* d. Wheat

18. By adaptation of zero-till technology farmer can save _____ irrigation water
a. 20%
b. 25%
* c. 40%
d. 60%

19. Raya L-18 successfully grown on
a. Waterlogged soil
* b. Saline soil
c. Alkaline soil
d. None of the above

20. Vermi-compost has _______ effect on sugarcane yield and quality
a. Negative
* b. Positive
c. Less
d. None of the above

21. The new technology for maize growing is through
* a. Transplanting
b. Drilling
c. Dibbling
d. None of the above

22. Green manuring is essential for improving _______ in the rice-wheat cropping
* a. Soil health
b. Soil salinity
c. Alkalinity
d. None of the above

23. Different methods to reduce endotovins in cotton fibres are, mechanical cleaning, water washing, steaming and ________
* a. Flash heating
b. Sun drying
c. Air blowing
d. None of the above

24. B.T. stand for in B.T. cotton
* a. Bacillus thuringensis
b. Bemisia tabaci
c. Bemisia trachypterus
d. None of the above

25. Allelochemicals are used for the control of _______
a. Disease
b. Insect
* c. Weeds
d. None of the above

26. One of the following insects acts as a Vector (Carrier) for CLCV
* a. White fly
b. Aphids
c. Jassids
d. None of the above

27. Sex pheromones traps are used for the pest of
a. Pink bollworm
b. American bollworm
* c. Both a & b
d. None of the above

28. Remote sensing is simply obtaining information about an object touching the object as
* a. Without
b. With
c. Both a&b
d. None of the above

29. Weeds are mostly _____________
a. C3 plants
* b. C4 plants
c. CAM
d. None of the above

30. Post harvest technology and value _______ emphasizes supply of quality products for ever changing demand.
* a. Addition
b. Marketing
c. Demand
d. None of the above

31. __________ is an aromatic crop
a. Wheat
b. Maize
* c. Rice
d. Cotton

32. Sugarcane crop is a __________ crop
a. Aromatic
* b. Non aromatic
c. Fibre
d. None of the above

33. Organic farming is essential for the control of
a. Society demand
* b. Pollution
c. Weeds
d. None of the above

34. Allelochemical present in sorghum is used for the control of ________
* a. Deela
b. Itsit
c. Bansigrass
d. Khabalgrass

35. Intensive agriculture play a vital role in ____________
* a. Chemical pollution
b. Noise pollution
c. Gas pollution
d. None of the above

36. Salinity tolerant genotypes are performing well in _____ regions
a. Semi-arid
* b. Arid
c. Temperate
d. Humid

37. Salinity reduces _______ absorption by plants and indirectly induces drought inside the plant system
* a. Water
b. Nutrient
c. Both a&b
d. None of the above

38. Water use efficiency is _________ higher in drip irrigation
* a. 20-60%
b. 30-70%
c. 60-70%
d. 70-80%

39. Organic matter influences almost all the physical, chemical and ______ attributes of the soil.
* a. Biological
b. Productivity
c. Salinity
d. Alkalinity

40. Rosette type of flower is formed due to attack of
a. White fly
* b. Pink bollworm
c. Spotted bollworm
d. Aphid

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