Preparation for Agriculture Officer

The posts in the Agriculture department especially Agriculture Officer are frequently needed by the government in the form of:

  • Agriculture Officer / Cotton Inspector / Farm Manager
  • Instructor in the Agriculture Training Institutes
  • Water Management Officer
  • Agriculture Research Officer
  • Research Officer
  • Scientific Officers

All these posts are filled by the Public Service Commissions. Moreover, there are also hundreds of companies in the private sector needing employees almost daily. All these sectors fill the vacancies through a proper screening method which involves tests, interviews etc.

Thus the tests and the interviews requires extensive preparation. Mainly the tests consist of 100 marks MCQs which may be prepared by studying the MCQs given below (Note: These MCQs are only for preparation and are not to be taken as confirmed for the tests). Moreover, the books like Basics of Agriculture may also be studied to get the most information and better preparation

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