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Agriculture Jobs in Pakistan: A Comprehensive Guide of 2023

Introduction to Agriculture Jobs in Pakistan

Agriculture plays a crucial role in Pakistan’s economy and provides employment opportunities to a significant portion of the population. This guide explores various Agriculture Jobs in Pakistan, including their responsibilities and scope.


Agronomists specialize in crop and soil sciences, focusing on improving crop productivity, sustainability, and agricultural practices. They conduct research on various factors affecting crop growth and suggest appropriate measures to enhance yields.

Agriculture Jobs in Pakistan

Agriculture Officer/Extension Worker

Working closely with farmers, Agriculture Officers and Extension Workers provide guidance on crop management, pest control, and farming techniques. They play a vital role in transferring knowledge and technology from research institutions to farmers.

Soil Scientist

Soil Scientists study soil properties and their impact on plant growth. They advise farmers on soil management, ensuring optimal conditions for healthy crop production.

Plant Breeder/Geneticist

Plant Breeders and Geneticists develop new crop varieties with improved yield, pest and disease resistance, and adaptability to environmental changes. Their work is crucial for ensuring food security and agricultural sustainability.

Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural Engineers design, develop, and improve farming equipment, irrigation systems, and other agricultural technologies. Their work contributes to increased efficiency and productivity in the sector.

Agriculture Jobs in Pakistan

Livestock Specialist

Focusing on animal health, breeding, and nutrition, Livestock Specialists help farmers improve the productivity and well-being of their animals. Their expertise is essential for the livestock industry’s growth and development.

Agribusiness Consultant

Agribusiness Consultants offer advice on agricultural practices, crop marketing, and agribusiness management to farmers, agricultural companies, and government agencies. They play a key role in the sector’s growth and profitability.

Agricultural Economist

Agricultural Economists analyze the economic aspects of agriculture, such as supply and demand, pricing, and international trade. Their insights help shape policies and strategies for the sector.

Agri-Input Sales Representative

Agri-Input Sales Representatives are responsible for selling agricultural products like seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides to farmers. They also offer valuable information on product usage and benefits, ensuring optimal results for farmers.

Research Scientist: Agriculture Jobs in Pakistan

Research Scientists conduct studies on various aspects of agriculture, including crop and animal production, soil science, and agricultural economics. They work in academic or research institutions, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field.

Agricultural Journalist: Agriculture Jobs in Pakistan

Agricultural Journalists report on agriculture-related news, trends, and developments for newspapers, magazines, websites, and other media outlets. They help raise awareness about the sector’s challenges and achievements.

Farm Manager/Supervisor: Agriculture Jobs in Pakistan

Farm Managers and Supervisors oversee the daily operations of farms, including crop planning, cultivation, harvesting, and animal husbandry. They ensure efficient and productive farm management, leading to increased profitability.

Conclusion for Agriculture Jobs in Pakistan

There are numerous Agriculture Jobs in Pakistan that cater to different interests, skills, and qualifications. These professions contribute to the growth and development of the country’s agricultural sector, ensuring food security and economic stability.


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