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Gobhi / Cauliflower in Pakistan – پھول گوبھی کی کاشت


Source: Gobhi / Cauliflower in Pakistan – پھول گوبھی کی کاشت, Agriculture Department, Government of the Punjab, Pakistan

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Cauliflower/Gobhi Cultivation in Pakistan

Sowing Time of Gobhi

  • Last Week May- 15th Jun     1st Early (Tropical)
  • July                                   2ndEarly (Tropical)
  • Mid August-September       Mid
  • October                            Late

Sowing Methods for Gobhi

  • Nursery sowing
  • On Beds
  • On Ridges
  • In compost filled trays
  • Direct Sowing
    • Direct sowing mostly preferred for Hybrid cultivars Cultivated in mid and late season
    • Germination occur after 3 days almost after 72 hours
    • Protect from rain fall other wise seed will be rotten and unable to germinate

Gobhi Seed Rate

  • 1 kg/ac for Early varieties
  • 500-750 g /ac for mid, late and
  • 100-150 g for hybrids
  • Transplanting
  • After 35-40 days (4-5 leaf stage)

Soil Type

  • Soil having pH 6.0-7.0
  • Sensitive to high acidic and alkaline soils
  • Loamy to heavy loamy soil (best Production) with good drainage capacity
  • Saline and sandy soil not suitable
  • Early cauliflower preferably near to canal or cool soil


  • Heavy feeder crop
  • N-P-K 69-50-50 kg/acre
    • 2-3 bags of Urea
    • 1-2 bags of DAP  (at land preparation)
    • 1-2 bag of potash (at land preparation)
    • 9-12 tons/acre FYM (at land preparation)
    • 4-6 kg/ac borax / (0.3 % foliar application)
    • 1/3 urea add at land preparation remaining 2/3rd in 2-3 splits after earthing up of the soil


  • First 5-6 irrigation after 3-4 days interval after transplanting remaining after 1 week in early seasons
  •  First 1-2 irrigations after 3-4 days after transplanting remaining after 1 week in mid and late season


  • Method of Transplanting
    • On ridges
  • Time of transplanting
    • Afternoon for early group
  • Plant Geometry and plant population
    • P×P   = 30 – 45cm
    • R×R  = 75 cm
    • 17000-20000 plants in Early
    • 12000-15000 plants in Mid

Curd Development & Yield

  • Early maturing varieties 60-70 days after transplanting
  • Late maturing varieties 90-120 days (after transplanting)
  • 8-10 ton/acre yield of local varieties
  • 12-16 ton/ ac  hybrids


  • Bracting
  • Riceyness
  • Fiziness
  • Buttoning
  • Blindness
  • Purple Coloration

Major Insects

  • Diamond Back moth
  • Spotted Bollworm
  • Aphids
  • Cabbage butterfly
  • Cabbage looper

Major Diseases

  • Damping off
  • Phytophthora root Rot
  • Downy mildew
  • Head rot
  • Alternaria leaf spot

Gobhi / Cauliflower in Pakistan

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