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Agri-MCQs # 16: Agri-Engineering/ Irrigation and Soil Science

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Find the most relevant MCQs of Agriculture Engineering, Irrigation and Soil Science for the Engineering related posts especially for the post of Water Management Department.

Do remember that these are only for reading as reference and also to have a general idea about the tests.

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Q. No.Question StatementAns.Dept.
1A good fuel should contain the quality of__________. a-Good volatility and free from gum        b- high antiknock value  c- chemical purity                                             d- all abovedFMP
2Science of the occurrence, distribution and movement of water below the surface of earth is called________. a- Hydro-geology                                             b- hydraulics       c- groundwater hydrology                          d- none of thesecID
3Total amount of water on earth is__________.  a- 1.5*10^9 km^3           b- 2.3*10^8km^3             c- 2.2*10^8km^3              d- None of theseaSEE
4Tillage is the practice of _______. a-Modifying the soil state       b-Controlling weed     c- Controlling soil loss              d-Applying soil nutrientsaFMP
5Ratio of rainfall in a particular year to average annual rainfall is called__________.  a- rainfall ratio                  b- index of wetness         c- percentage rainfall     d- specific rainfallbID
6Which one is not synthetic material__________.  a- PVC                  b- rubber             c– wood               d- asphaltcSEE
7Renewable energy as source(comes from resources which are continually replenished )of farm power includes____________. a-Bio gas     b-Solar Energy                c-Wind Energy       d-All of the AbovedFMP
8In pumps, cavitation will occur when pressure is___________. a- Lower than atmosphere                          b- Negative c- Lower than vapor pressure of the liquid d- All of abovecID
9*Which one of the following is the facultative bacterium__________. a-Pencillinion     b-Pseudomonas              c-Yeasts               d-PhormediumbSEE
10Measuring knock characteristics of fuel, the standard yardstick, is__________. a-Octane number            b-cetane number      c- calorific value     d- boiling temperaturebFMP
11*A sluice gate in a small pond discharges a flow having 10.0 m2 flow area and a velocity of 4.0 m/s. If the pond has a surface area of 1.0 hectare, the rate at which the water surface falls in a pond is__________. a- 0.25 m/s                         b- 4 cm/s         c- 4 mm/s                               d- 4.0 m/scID
12The operation of leveling to determine the elevation between two points is knownas_________ a-Simple leveling              b- fly leveling                     c- differential leveling  d- nonecSEE
13To destroy the insect, pests and their breeding place is the________. a-Objective of tillage          b-Practice of tillage c-Requirement of tillage          d-Measures of tillageaFMP
14Universal Soil Loss Equation is named, because_____________ a- its validity is more                       b- it accounts all parameters affecting the soil loss c- it is universally adopted          d- all abovecID
15Which one is not affecting the strength of concrete___________. a- Composition                  b-  curing time                   c-  water             d- stressdSEE
16A device which is used to convert solar energy directly into electrical energy is called as________ a- Solar heater       b-Solar cell              c-Solar furnace    d-Solar power plantdFMP
17*The dimensions of pressure in MLT system is__________. a- MLT-2              b- ML2T2       c- ML-1T-2                 d- ML-1T-3cID
18*The residential and commercial portion makes up about percent of total MSW generated in a community __________.  a- 50-70%                           b- 80-85%                           c- 40-50%            d- none of theseaSEE
19The expected annual working hours of the centrifugal pump, is_______ a-10,000                               b-15,000                               c-20,000                               d- 12,000  aFMP
20* The most important shape parameter in sediment analysis is_________. a-sphericity                        b- shape factor              c- roundness                        d- form factoraID
21*The range of chlorine in National Standard Water Quality is_________. a-<250mg-litre                  b->250mg/litre c-=250mg/litre  d- None of aboveaSEE
22Primary tillage is normally designed to________. a-Reduce soil strength                 b-Cover plant materials c-Rearrange aggregates              d-All abovedFMP
23*Barrages constructed across alluvial rivers help in: a- controlling floods                        b- restoring river regime c- ensuring monsoon storage      d- all of thembID
24*Photographs which change or enhance the true color of an object are called_________.                  a-True color                 b-False color       c-Panchromatic                                                    d-NonecSEE
25If we know the engine speed, bore, stroke, number of cylinders and mean effective pressure in the cylinders, we can calculate____________.
a- FHP              b-IHP          c-BHP             d-All of the Above
26In a new channel, the outlet generally provided is____________. a- AOSM                              b- open flume    c- pipe outlet                    d- all of themcID
27Normal standard level for city traffic is___________. a- 60-70 dB         b- 100-110dB    c- 70-80 dB         d- 50-60 dBcSEE
28Strength of any material is indicated by it__________. a-Stress                       b- strain                        c- compressiveness         d- compactnessaFMP
29*A gravity dam derives its stability from______________. a- reinforcement provided in the dam body         b- weight of water resting against sloping u/s face of damage c- weight of dam itself                                  d- batter provided on d/s face of dam  cID
30* If s = 4t2- m, calculate the particle’s acceleration at t = 2s,    a =___________? a-2 m/s2               b-4 m/s2               c-8 m/s2              d-16 m/s2aSEE
31Subsoiler is the______. a-Primary tillage plough          b-Secondary tillage implement c-Conservation tillage tool      d-Zero tillage machineaFMP
32 An example of artificial discharge of groundwater is___________.  a- groundwater flow into streams            b- springs c-pumpage from wells                                  d- none of thesecID
33Drying of wood is done to avoid___________. a- Shrinkage       b-  strength        c-  hardness        d-  change in massaSEE
34*Knowing the speed at which an engine is running and the torque it is developing, we can calculate__________.
a-FHP                 b-IHP                          c-BHP          d-All of the Above
35An index of wetness of 60% shows that in a particular year, there is___________. a- 40% more rainfall                        b- 60% more rainfall        c- 40% less rainfall                          d- 60% less rainfallcID
36*When there is high ground water then which method of land fill is suitable_________. a- Trench             b- area                  c- canyon             d-none of thesebSEE
37In a material, the tensile stress is due to________ a-Tension   b- compactness  c- sliding on another surface                 d- noneaFMP
38*When water table deep, a bore hole is drilled and pump is placed into that to void___. a- priming                                            b-cavitation c- pump damage                              d- all of abovebID
39Wastes that will decompose rapidly especially in warm weather are called_________. a-residential waste          b- MSW                c- putrescible waste       d- none of thesecSEE
40*Secondary tillage is performed_____________. a-After primary tillage                b-Ploughing the soil c-After crop planting                  d-All aboveaFMP
41The total energy head for an open channel flow is written with usual notation as H = z+y +V2/2g. In this each of the term represent ____________. a- energy in kg m/kg mass of fluid             b- energy in N m/N of fluid* c- power in kW/kg mass of fluid                 d- energy in N m/kg mass of fluidbID
42The space used for storage of grains____________.  a- Dweller          b- farm house                    c- farm stead                     d- farm service buildingcSEE
43Two stoke engine is preferred for small vehicles because_______________.
a- Fuel consumption is low                 b-Shock and vibrations are less c- Its size is small                                     d- It is easy to control
44Universal Soil Loss Equation is not used, when slopes are steeper than__________. a- 20%                   b- 10%c- 25%                     d- 5%aID
45*The closing error in a closed traverse is adjusted by___________.  a- Lehman’s rule              b- Bowditch’s rule           c- slide rule         d- none of abovebSEE
46Bearing is a support, in which____________-. a-Journal rotates              b. Shaft rotates c. Piston rotates                d. Both a & bdFMP
47The dimension of power in FLT system is_____________. a- FL2T                                  b- FLT-1                                             c- FL-2T-2                              d- FL-1T-2bID
48The first optical laser was developed in__________. a-1947                  b-1960 (Ruby Laser)   c-1990                  d-NonebSEE
49To pulverize the soil of seed bed’ is the_________. a-Objective of primary tillage     b-Objective of secondary tillage c-Practice of zero tillage              c-Practice of conservation tillagebFMP
50The cross-section of natural silt transporting channels tends to have the shape of ___. a- trapezium                      b- semi-ellipse          c- semi-circle             d- none of thembID
51*Spatial Resolution of IKONOS satellite___________.    a-1x1m              b-2x2m                 c-3x3m                 d-4x4mdSEE
52A negative loop in the P.V diagram of an I.C engine is due to__________.
a-Pre ignition in the engine                                  b-Suction of air for engine
c-Pre-opening of the exhaust valve                    d-High pressure in the cylinder
53*Which one among the following is a correct choice un relation to a weir________ a- it is helpful in diverting excess water to a river from canal b- It does not cause any heading up of water on the upstream side c- it store water by raised counter-balanced gate d- it increases the chances of floods in the upstream areasdID
54_________is the combination of the cook’s reversible level.  a-Dumpy level                  b- Y-level             c- Both (A &B)                   d- NonecSEE
55Piston pin bearing is made of__________. a-Bronze              b-Copper             c-Zinc                    d-SteelaFMP
56*The outlet type provided at the end in immediate vicinity of fall is: a- AOSM                              b- Open flume   c- pipe  d- all of thembID
57To get improved strength of wood it should be properly_________. a- Seasoned       b- preservation                 c- drying               d- all of abovedSEE
58Bullock drawn secondary tillage implement may be________. a-Harrow        b-Cultivator        c-Hoe          d-All abovedFMP
59In a gravity dam, slightly curved in plan, the external forces are resisted by________. a- reinforcement provided in the dam body         b- weight of dam c- arch action                                                                     d- none of thembID
60Ozone lies in a group___________. a- chemical agents          b- radiation         c- physical agents            d- mechanical meansaSEE
61The size of intake valve is_______________.
a- Smaller than that of the exhaust valve   b-Equal to that of the exhaust valve
c- Larger than that of the exhaust valve     d- Not depending upon the size of exhaust valve
62Aquifer is also known as_____________.  a- water bearing formation        b-aquiclude        c- both a&b         d- none of theseaID
63Rods used for measuring vertical distances are_________. a- Staff rod         b- ranging rod                    c- both (a &b)                    d- none of aboveaSEE
64Strength of farm implements depend on____________. a -Quality of material                              b- Kind of material  c- Weight/area of material                     d- Both (a& b)dFMP
65Which of the following methods is used for adjustment of rainfall records at a station? a- station-year method                 b-isohyetal method        c- double mass analysis                d- arithmetic average methodcID
66A form of energy which is convertible at any time_________. a- Heat                 b-  temperature                                c-  none                d-  both (a & b)aSEE
67An individual working element such as disc or shovel. Is called_________. a-Part of plough        b-Tool      c-Component of plough         d-ImplementbFMP
68Pumps are required for_____________. a- surface irrigation                         b- sub-surface irrigation c- furrow irrigation                           d- sprinkler irrigationdID
69The walking step of a man is considered equal to__________.  a- 80 cm              b- 90 cm               c- 100 cm            d- 120 cmaSEE
70During combustion the pressure in the cylinder may increase to as much as________.
a-50 Kg/cm2         b-400 Kg/cm2           c-10 Kg/cm2d- 1 kg/cm2
71Piezometric head is the sum of____________. a- pressure head, elevation head and velocity head     b- elevation head and velocity head c- pressure head and velocity head                          d- pressure and elevation headdID
72For the motion of satellite around the earth a non-rotating co-ordinates system is chosen with its________  own axis of rotation of earth     a-origin      b-center of curvature        c-abscissa                          d- all of theseaSEE
73Durability of farm implementsdepends on_________________. a-Density of material    b- Kind of material   c- Quality of material   d- Both (b& c)dFMP
74*Biological erosion control measure, refers to a- kinds of crops with their, rotation                       b- measures used for flow control c- both a & b                                                      d- none of aboveaID
75The magnetic bearing of line is measured clockwise from__________up to line in whole circle bearing system a- East                   b- west                 c- north                d- southcSEE
76Harrow or plough is_____________. a-An implement          b-A tool         c-A machine            d-An equipmentaFMP
77Two equations are called dimensionally homogeneous, if the fundamental dimensions have identical powers of__________. a- mass                                 b- length                c- time                              d- all of thesedID
78Structural frames used in multistory poultry houses are____________. a- Beam and post            b- trusses            c- arch                   d- bracesaSEE
79The power used in overcoming friction in the engine is called_____________.
a- FHP               b-BHP                        c-IHP     d-None of the Above
80For all homogeneous fluids, the value of Von-Karman Universal Constant is _______. a- 0         b- 1     c- 0.4        d- 0.8cID
81When the measured length is less than actual length, error is_________. a- Negative error             b- positive error               c- both (a & b)  d- none of aboveaSEE
82 Lubrication of ball and roller bearings is to________________. a-Act as cooling agent                                      b- Preserve the surface from corrosion   c- Protect the rubbing surfaces between rollers   d- All abovedFMP
83*If two canals are taken off from both the flanks of a river at the site of a diversion head works, then the number of under sluices and divide wall will respectively, be____. a- 1 and 1                             b- 1 and 2c- 2 and 1                         d- 2 and 2dID
84162-The phase 1 in generation of the principle landfill gases is__________. a- transition phase           b- initial adjustment phase          c- acid phase      d-nonebSEE
85A normal ploughing is done for the depth of about_______________. a-15 cm                    b-50 cm        c-100 cm           d-2 cmaFMP
86**The outlet type provided at the tail in an old channel is________. a- AOSM                              b- open flume       c- pipe                              d- all of thembID
87Mixture of wastes is called______________.  a- residential                     b- commercial    c- institutional d- commingled solid waste-dSEE
88Piston displacement is calculated from the___________________.
a- Cylinder diameter and length                 b- Piston length and diameter
c-Bore and stroke                                          d-None of the Above
89Gravity dams transfer load to foundation by____________. a- arch action     b- cantilever action b- arch and cantilever action               d- none of thembID
90Biological transformation of solid waste involves_____________. a-Aerobic composting     b- Anaerobic Digestion c- Both A &B     d- CombustionbSEE
91A bushing is the_______________. a- Replaceable lining for a bearing           b- Worm for worm gear   c-Pitch for pulley                                          d-Sleeve in cylinderaFMP
92A relatively impermeable formation neither containing nor transmitting water, is called_______.  a-aquitard                          b-aquifuge         c- leaky aquifer                 d- confined aquiferbID
93__________is the sixth functional elements of waste management system a- Waste Generation      b- Waste Handling           c-Waste Collectiond- Waste DisposaldSEE
94Most common primary tillage implementis___________________. a-Desi plough              b-M.B. plough        c-Disc plough           d-Turn rest ploughbFMP
95*In which method of determining mean aerial depth of precipitation, the addition or removal of a rain gauge will change the whole scenario? a- arithmetic average method                                    b-Thiessen polygon method       c-isohyetal method                                                         d- both (a-& (bbID
96Source of ultraviolet radiation used for disinfection is_________. a- mercury arc lamp       b- Ag conical lamp            c-upgrade radiation lamp              d- both (a&b)aSEE
97A petrol engine consists of______________. a-Carburetor                  b-Ignition coil                 c-Spark plug                   d-All abovedFMP
98Priming of pumps is done with_________. a- water               b- air  c- the liquid which is to be pumped or heavier than the pumped liquid  d- all of abovecID
99The ratio of actual vapor pressure to saturation vapor pressure is called________. a- Saturation pressure   b- superheated vapor   c- water vapor d- relative humiditydSEE
100Washers are used___________. a- Beneath the bolt head              b- beneath the nut c- To hold two metal pieces             d- Both (a& b)dFMP
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