PPSC Past PapersPreparation for Agriculture Officer

Past Paper 2022 of PPSC for the post of Agriculture Officer /CI / FM

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2nd format for the Past Paper 2022 of Agriculture Officer

Bromoxynil Herbicide belongs to group
Pest Control chemicals
Sanitation is part of
Blight is an important disease = Chickpea
Use of latest pesticide in modern agriculture?
Fine rice nursery is banned before:
Candal & tower is the disease of:
Raising of one crop year after year on land= Monocropping
Is an application of the accounting principles to the business of farming = Farm accounting
Co-operative farming, Collective farming, capitalistic farming, state farming and peasent farming are: System of farming
Smaller than of economic holding is known as: Basic Holding
Net return per hectare is: Overall efficiency measure
In present scenario of Pakistan, Agriculture can be sustained with
Mines and fishes are subject to the law of: Diminishing Return
Irreversible Change Quantitative and qualitative in fruit is: Development
Which refrigerant is commonly used in cold storage in our country Ammonia
Tomato fruits for caning are harvested at: Red Ripe Storage
Small num of suppliers are dominant on market
The person who influence role for new innovation informally in a social System called?
Extension Program Planning’s 1st step is Situation analysis
Human and non-human communication is called as: Extra personal
Breeder seed is the progeny of: Nucleus Seed
Group of plants within same specie having distinct characteristics are called: None of these (Variety)
Tag color of registered seeds is: Purple
In Cotton flower colour changes occur from white to pink due to infestation of:
In 40 kg cotton, how much seed and lint separate
Norin 10 gene in wheat is for: Short Stature
Total forest area in Pakistan 4.8% (World Bank)
All goods and services produced in a country in a year plus other sources of income for example foreign exchange earnings, foreign aid, foreign remittances, loans etc are called: None of these (GNP)
Share of Agriculture in GDP = 19
Application of nitrogen in legumes are applied at All at sowing
Determinate growth is found in: Wheat
Rapid Necrosis in gram is due to? wilt
Disease of wheat All of these Leaf blight Strip smut Rust
Disastrous migrant pest of crops
Non moveable element in plants Calcium
Recombinant DNA has DNA from sources:  2 Different
Most commonly used restriction enzyme is: ECOR1
Taq polymerase is extracted from : Thermal Equatics
The amount by which a nation’s export (of goods and services) exceeds its import of goods or services is ……………? Trade surplus
A measure of average output or real output per unit of input is called? Productivity
Government announced minimum support Price for Wheat for 2021-22 Rs. 1950/-
A market situation in which there are a few sellers of similar but differentiate products Oligopoly
An abnormal proliferation of plant cells resulting from outside stimulus is called Gall
Cereals are fermented into Bread
All forms of Microorganisms is killed by the process of: Pasteurization
DNA  do not posses which base: None of these (Uracil)
Dead heart disease in Sugarcane is due to
Light is compulsory for the germination of:
For Seed Germination harmone/enzyme required
Salt loving plants are called Halophytes
Loose smut is disease of: Wheat Barley
past paper 2022 past paper 2022
Color of meat changes due to
Charcol Rot is the disease of: sesame
Candel is the variety of:
Storage at ultra low temperature is called as:
Male and female  parts on different flowers is called as:
Micro organisms are killed through the process of  Pasteurization
Young ones of holometabola are called Larvae
….. plays role in nitrogen fixation Molybdenum
Water excluding rain and rauni
Message from illiterate farmers can be recorded through …… extension method Interview schedule
A flower having many pistils on same receptacle called Aggregate fruit
FAO Report : DBH of tree
Few buyers
Till 1940, pesicides were obtained from plants and ……….
Citrus canker is a …….. disease Bacterial
Devastating migrant insect to plants is Locust
The insects which activate at night are called Nocturnal
Cultivation of grapes is called: Viticulture
Diseases can be transmitted through: All of these
Water available for roots of plant is Capillary water
Short term markets are established for …….. agricultural comodities Perishable
Enzyme activity is influenced by: All of these
To kill weeds, ….. is used: Weedicide
Lichens are Symbiotic association
Hydrogen bonding is found in 
Family of citrus is……
Sound waves travel faster in: Solids
He wrote ……… book The best
BIOS means: Basic input and output system
Last Ruler of Hyderabad at the time of partition was called: Nazim
Amendment in constitution is done with ……. In both houses Two third majority
If A completes wok in 18 days, B in 20 days and C in 30 days. Then B & C work together but left after 2 days than after that how many days A complete that work = 15 days
Tahir income is 40% less than Imran Income how much income of Imran is high than tahir? = 200/3
Don’t sleep You are ordered not to sleep
Though He is poor, …… he is honest Yet
Bryce Canyon  National Park is in: Arizona USA
Lal sunhara National Park is located in: Punjab
Taj Mahal is situated in: Agra
8 bits equal to 1 Byte
Man is born free but everywhere is in chains by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Transgender act in Pakistan passed in which year 2018
On feb 2021 military took over in which country Myanmar

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