PPSC Past PapersPreparation for Agriculture Officer

Agriculture Past Papers 2016 – 2nd test of PPSC for the posts of AO

Agriculture past papers 2016 – 2nd test of PPSC for the posts of Agriculture Officer /CI/FM

1-Sugarcane pyrilla is ?
2 – which is approved variety of sugar cane?
3- hybrid variety of maize?
4- hysun 33 is variety of ? 
5-hydrometer is used for?
6- purpuse of farm manegement is?
7- magzine by agriculture department?
8- num of agriculture helplines?
9- approved variety of wheat for barani areas?
10 – program on aired by radio pakistan for farmers
11- best suited irrigation for orchards?
12 – Crysanthemum is vegetatively propagated by?
13- safe moisture content of wheat?
14- safe moisture content of rice?
15- rearing of honeybees?
16- study of ornamental plants?
17- study of fruits?
18- cultivation of grapes is called?
19- best type of irrigation?
20- seed rate of wheat?
21- seed rate of cotton?
22- seed rate of hybrid variety of sunflower perhaps
23- leguminous plants provide what element?
24-which is the not oil seed crop?
25- which are cereals crops?
26- which crops require less water? 
27- laggards are at which rank to adopt innovation
28- procedure denonstration and result demonstration shows?
29- T& V approach involves?
30- world food day?
31- WTO was established in?
32- diffusion and adoption are part of ? (not sure how was the exact MCQ) 
33- Purpose of Mulching is ?
34- Fly related to cotton plant?
35- Aphid attack is increasing to which crops recently
36- which seed can be used by farmers and selk in market?
37- certified seed can be produced from?
38- what type of harvesting can be done to produce seed from a crop?
39- IPM aims at?
40- IPM involves use of?
41- Powdery mildew is caused by?
42- Basic problem in production of new variety of potato?
43- Ear and —- disease is the disease of?
44- Cultivation of rice is not allowed before?
45- which variety is banned for cultivation and propagation?
46- which is cultivated in trenches?
47- benefit of trench farming?
48-to solve and emerging problem which is the efficiant method?
49- which crop is sown in between harvesting of two crops?
50- percentage of nitrogen in NPK(or perhaps any other fertillizer)
51- dinitrification is more problematic in which type of soil?
52- Guava is propagated by?
——-Agriculture past papers 2016

Here are some more MCQs from today’s test, compiled by reviewing comments and posts of other members as well. 
———-Agriculture past papers 2016
53- Fertigation is? 
54-delinting of seed is done for?
55-sprinkler irrigation is recomended for which type of soil?? 
56-Face to face communication is called? interpersonal
57-Exposure of seed to low temperature before germination is called?
58-Fruit ripening hormone is called? 
59-Cotton is which type of resistant crops?
60- Puccina recondita causes which disease ?
61- Cause of red rot of sugarcane?
62-Participatory approch is a type of approach?
63-organization of soil particles is called?
64- pest scouting is done for?
65-which type of Mulch increases fertility?
66- Fidelity in communication means?
67-World Food day is
68- BT stands for?
69-Problems of agriculture in Pakistan?
70- Strategy to control stored grains?
71- Anthracnose of Mangi treatment?
72-What is diffusion of adoption?
73- Salinity affect which crop?
74- Borlaug-2016 is variety of?
75- How many minimum buds one set of sugarcane can have?
76- Delinting is done by?

77-For potato seed development which type of resisitant variety is dificult to develop..?
78-PH of Pakistani soils?
79-Which is not used in hydrponic technique ?, water, gravel, soil, wool?
80-Expression of end towards which our efforts are directed are called ?

Red rot of sugarcane disesase cause? 
Cotton insect name? 
Cotton common problem now a days? 
Aphid attack on which crop? 
Rice storage moisture? 
Wheat storage moisture? 
Cotton response towards water stress? 
Wheat smut cause? 
Powdery mildews cause?

Percentage of nitrogen 41’45’46’50??

Cotton resitance against water is??

Crop sown between two major crops?

 Law and regulations for seed movement = plant qaurintine

Face to face communication= interpersonal
Seed needed cold temperature for germination
Fruit ripening hormone
Shallow rooted crops

sunflower variety hysun 33

crops require less frequent irrigation??? shallow rooted , deep rooted or both???

farm managemnet waly me ia tha… intrafarm , inter farm , both A $B , inter regional..

For spraying against cotton pest T.jet nozzle is used .

Major cereal crop in punjab..Agriculture past papers 2016
1 maiz
2 rice 
3 bajra
4 all of these

Mulch increas the fertility of soil
1 organic mulch
2 gray poly thene mulch
3 black poly thene mulch

Tomato seed production problem is ???

Hydrometer for soil texture
2.world food day 16 october
3.sugarcane pyrilla sucking pest
4.cotton pest whitefly
5.to control stored grain pests fumigation
6.hot water treatment for anthracnose
7.Aphid emerging prblm of wheat
8.pomology cultivation of fruits
9.honey production Apiculture
10.agri help line 0800-15000 and 0800-29000
11.viticulture study of grapes
12.ornamental horticulture is landscape and floriculture
13.prblms of pak agriculture all
14.feritigation fertilizer with irrigation water
15.low temp treatment for germinatiin is vernalization
16.leguminous crops for nitrogen
17.red rot of sugarcane fungus
18.BT bacillus thurengenesis
19.Borlaug 2016 wheat
20.approved variety of sugarcane cpf 249
21.purpose of farm management is farm budgeting
22.magazine by agri deparment zirat nama
23.lhr radio program jithy tere hal wagdy
24.besg suited irrigation for orchards drip irrigation
25.guava propagated by seed
26.seed rate of wheat 21 nov to 15 dec is 50-60kg
27.seed rate of cotton on ridges is 6-8kg
28.crops require less water deep rooted
29.laggards adopt innovation at the end
30.harvestion of vegetables manually
31.powdery mildew caused by fungus
32.cultivation of rice banned before 20 may
33.which variety is banbed for cultivation of rice kashmira
34.trench technology for sugarcane
35.to solve field emerging problem is field trip
36.percnge of nitrogen in urea 46
37.denitrification is more problamatic in water logging soils
38.IPM aims all
39.ipm objective to keep the pests at below economic injury level
40.cotton sensivity for water stress is low
41.seed rate for desi kabuli chana is 35 kg
42.pakistans soil ph 7.5-8
43.wheat variety for barani areas fateh jang 2016
44 moisture content for paddy 12%
45.moisture content for wheat 14%
46.Fruit ripening harmone ethylene
47.minimum buds for sugarcane sets 2
48.pest scouting is done for monitoring pests
49.sprinkler irrigation is best for undulating or clayey soils(not cnfrm)
50.delinting is done for all purposes
51.delinting is done by sulphuric acid
sprinkler irrigation is recomended for?? undulating, heavy soils,acid soil


3 FH 1046
4 Sunflower 
5 Soil texture 
6 All 
7 Zirat Nama 
8 0800 15000 0800 29000
9 Fateh Jhang 2016 or Ehsan 2016
11 I think Sprinkler
12 Sucker
13 10%
14 12%

15 Apiculture 
16 Floriculture and landscape 
17 Pomology 
18 Viticulture 
20 50-60
21 8-10
22 2.5-3
24 nitrogen 
25 wheat rice maize 
27 Last 
28 Results Demonstration 
29 All
30 16th October 
31 1994 
32 Adoption 
33 To conserve water 
34 whitefly 
35 Wheat 
36 Certified Seed
37 basic seed

51 waterlogged
50 urea was given 46%
49 catch crop
46 trenching technology for Sugarcane
Rice variety kashmira
Ear & grain maize
42 nematode or virus
41 fungus fly whitefly

39. All 
40. All
41. Fungus
42. Virus free seed
43. Maize 
44. 20th May
45. Rice Variety Kashmira 
46. Sugarcane 
48. I think Field trip 
49. Catch Crop 
50. 46%
51. Waterlogged 
52. Cutting 
53. Application of fertilizers with irrigation water 
54. All 
55. Clay Soil 
56. I have tick Interpersonal. If Horizontal term is there then its mentioned in Basic Agriculture 
57. Stratification 
58. Ethylene 
60. Leaf rust of wheat 
61. Fungus 
62. I think top down 
63. Soil Structure 
64. All 
65. Organic 
67. 16th October 
68. Bacillus thuriengensis 
69. Low productivity LOW Profitability All
70. Fumigation 
71. Anthracnose 
72. Adoption 
73. I have mentioned Potato. There may be Peanut 
74. wheat 
75. 2
76. Sulfuric acid 
77. Virus free
78. 7.5-8
79. Soil 
80. I think goals

Agriculture past papers 2016. also explore site of https://www.agripunjab.gov.pk/ for better preparation

Past Paper 2016 – 2nd test of PPSC for the posts of Agriculture Officer /CI/FM


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