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Past Paper 2016 of PPSC for the posts of Agriculture Officer /CI/FM

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Past Paper 2016 of PPSC for the posts of Agriculture Officer /CI/FM

1 Galaxy 2013 (Wheat Variety)
2 New Variety of Sugarcane (CPF 248)
3 Seed Rate of Cotton with 75% germination (6-8 kg/Acre)
4 Seed Rate Gram (30/Acre)
5 Phosphorous Deficiency (All )
6 Sugar cane Pyrilla (Sucking Insect)
7 Farm Planing (Farm Budgeting)
8 Barani Wheat Variety (Pakistan 2013)
9 Pest Scouting (all)
10 Cause of low yield (All )
11 Trait mostly used by biotechnology (All)
12 ETL of white fly (5)
13 Bacterial leaf blight disease of (Rice)
14 Top Borer is insect of (S. Cane)
15 Material not used in hydroponics (Soil)
16 Potash applied at (Sowing time)
17 Red rot of s.Cane caused by (fungus )
18 KS-282, KSk variety of (coarse Rice)
19 Sunflower seed Rate (2-2.5kg/Acre)
20 Total Dry matter (Biological yield)

21 Fertigation (Fertilizer with water application)
22 Trench Technology (S. Cane)
23 People when listen to seek advice (inovators)
24 Agri magzine published by Punjab govt (ZratNama)
25 Process of communication through a channel (diffusion)
26 Evaluation by Numbers (quantitative evaluation)
27 Relationship b/w two or more variable ( correlation variable)
28 Journal by Punjab Govt. (JAR)
29 Best irrigation for orchard and row (Drip)
30 Bed and Furrow irrigation are called (flood irrigation)
31 Cotton sensitivity to water stress (low)
32 Crysoperla is predator (white fly)
33 total population of maiz in spring (35-40 thousands)
34 Farm Size, Soil quality are water availability are (situational variable)
35 Trickle irrigation is (high efficiency irrigation system)
36 number of irrigation for crop time (irrigation scheduling)
37 chemical for reclamation of saline and saline sodic (all)
38 Ph of pak soil (7-8.5)
39 CIMMAT organization for development of (Wheat and Maize)
40 Chlorosis (yelowing of leaf)
41 Soil mulch (minimize evaporation)
42 Suitalbe tillage for dry land (All of )
43 S. Cane by trench technology (lodging)
44 Wet Dusting for (drought )
45 planting of crop before harvesting of first crop (relay cropping)
46 nutrient replinish after legumenous crops (Nitrogen)
47 First step in Ext. (analyze the situation)
48 Head of FAO (rome)
49 American cotton (GossypiiumHirsutum)
50 B.T stand for (Bacillus Thurangeninsis)
51 cyber ext. (Internet)
52 Gypsum have (Ca and Sulphur)
53 Pome Fruit (All)
54 Tensiometer (soil moisture)
55 World Food Day (16 oct)
56 Movement of H20 with in soil profile (perculation)
57 Mass Contact program (All )
58 both Oil seed and Pulse crop (Soyabean)
59 pesticide killing or controling eggs (ovicides)
60 kharif crop (maize)

61 Hybrid variety of Maiz (fh-810)
62 plant that shed their leave (decidous)
63 Splice Grafting (both)
64 propagation of gauava (seed)
65 total irrigation at S. cane (20)
66 plant bearing flowr and seed (spermatophytes)
67 zinc phosphide (As rodenticides)
68 Two critical irrigation of wheat (crown root and flowering)
69 loss of water from plant (Transpiration)
70 official website of agri dept. (www.agripunjab.gov.pk)
71 Critical irrigation stage of cotton (flowering and boll formation)
72 Sugar cane variety banned by punjab govt. (col-54)
73 Trichograma card used (IPM)
74 group of pesticide used to stop reproduction of insects (sterilant)
75 Cooling effect (All)
76 De nitrification is more ( Water logged soil)
77 Latest variety of Basmati (Basmati 515)

78 red colour in citrus (anthocyanins)

79 per captia water (none)

80 finer seed bed (secondry tillage)

81 emerging attack of aphid (wheat)

82 where sprinkler irrigation (undulating soil)

83 gypsum (sodic soil)

past paper 2016

84 Farm Size, Soil quality are water availability are (situational variable)

85 olive, nuts and avocado are rich in  (all)

86 help line (both)

87 ptv home(hiryali)

88 bahawalpur program (bukhat bahar)

89 effectiveness of cyber (connectivity)

90 seed along with fertilizer (fertilizer cum seed drill)

91 organic matter improve (soil structure)

92 tillage improves (structure)

93 high field capacity (clay)

94 ratooning (sugar cane)

95 process of separation chaff and grain (winnowing)

past paper 2016

96 problem of rainfed areas (water availability)

97 puddling is done for (avoid deep percolation)

98 seed treatment done for (seed born diseases)

99 cultivation of grapes (viticulture)

Past Paper 2016 of PPSC for the posts of Agriculture Officer /CI/FM


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