Agriculture MCQsPreparation for Agriculture Officer

Agri-MCQs # 15: General Agronomy ( For AO tests)

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1. The total geographical area of Pakistan is

            * a. 79.64 million ha.   b.   60.50 million ha.

                c. 200.5 million ha.   d.   150.0 million ha.

2. The cropped area in Pakistan is about

                a. 5%                                     b. 10%

            * c. 25%                                   d. 50%

3. Our national food security is an issue of                   

*a. Top priority                 b. 2nd priority

                c. 3nd priority                    d. No priority

4. In Pakistan the share of Agriculture in GDP is

                a. 10%                                   *b. 21%

                c. 40%                                     d. 50%

5. Shallow rooted plants require irrigation

                a. Frequent                         b. Heavy irrigation

                c. Light irrigation              *d. Both a&b

6. The concentration of atmospheric CO2 is increasing @

                *a. 1.5 µ mol mol-1 yr-1                b. 0.5 µ mol mol-1 yr-1

                c. 2.5 µ mol mol-1 yr-1                   d. 3.5 µ mol mol-1 yr-1

7. Increasing atmospheric O2 concentrations are expected to __plant production

                * a. Increase       b. Decrease

                c. No effect        d. None of the above

8. Water makes up of the fresh weight of green tissues.

                a. 40-50%             b. 55-60%

                c. 65-70%             *d. 85-95%

9. Seed priming is due to improve

                a. Seed maturity               b. Seed setting

                *c. Seed germination     d. Seed vigour

10. Less than ___% of the water absorbed by a plant is used in plant growth

                a. 5%                     b. 7%

                c. 1%                      d. 10%

11. pH of saline soils is usually _.

a. less than 10           b. more than 8.5

                c. more than 10    *d. less than 8.5

12. If salinity is upto _ EC mmhos/cm its effects mostly negligible.

                a. 8                         *b. 2

                c. 16                          d. 18

13. Water use efficiency can be improved by

                a. Adapted cultivars        b. Appropriate fertility level

                c. Effective weed control  *d. All of the above

14. Most salt tolerant fodder is.

a. berseem         b. oats

c. lucerne            *d. senji

15. EC for alkali soils is less than _mmhos/cm.

         *a. 4                             b. 6

           c. 8                             d. 10

16. Among the following the most salt tolerant crop is

                a. maize               *b. barley

                c, beans                 d. cotton

17. In Pakistan total annual water flows in Indus Rivers System is

                a. 100 MAF         *b. 140 MAF

                c. 160 MAF         d. 180 MAF

17. In Pakistan the contribution of barani area in total wheat production is

                a. 5%                     b. 8%

                *c. 12%                 d. 20%

18. Saline sodic/sodic soils can be reclaimed by using.

a. MgSO4.2H2O  *b. CaSO4.2H2O

c. BaSO4.2H2O       d. K2SO4.2H2O

19. Soil salinity can cause “TIRAK” in __crop.

                *a. cotton               b. rice

                    c. sugarcane    d. maize

20. Cereals grown on saline cultures show __ colour in the leaves when plant. approach maturity.

                   a. blacking        b. yellowish

                *c. reddish          d. greenish

21. Wheat is ___ in mature

                a. Xerophytic     b. Hydrophytic

                *c. Mesophuzte d. None of the above

22. G MOS stand for

                *a. Genetically modified organisms

                 b. Genetically modified organs

                 c. Generally modified organisms

                 d. None of the above

23. Which one is not the method for eradication of water logging?

                a. lining of canals b. planting trees

                c. drainage        *d. use of press mud

24. One cusec is equal to __ gallons.

                a. 12.24                 *b. 6.24

                c. 10.24                    d. 8.24

25. Tillage operation such as ___can be done on contours

                *a. Ploughing       b. Discing

                  c. Harrowing      d. All above

26. Which one is not the cause of water logging.

                a. rainfall        b. flooding by rivers

                c. defecting system of canals

             *d. sowing time

27. In Pakistan water availability per person per annum is

                a. 5300 m3   *b. 1000 m3

                c. 600 m3       d. 1700 m3

28. Which one is not the local name of white alkali soils?

                a. kallar                 b. thur

                c. shor                   *d. crust

29. Loose smut is common disease of

                a. Sugarcane        b. Cotton

                *c. Wheat             d. Sorghum

30. The strips laid along the contour at right angles to the natural direction of the slope is called .

                a. wind strip cropping     b. buffer strip cropping

                c. field strip cropping      *d. contour strip cropping

31. In soils ___acts as commenting agent.

                   a. organic matter and nitrogen

                 b. organic matter and phosphorus

                *c. organic matter and Ca                            

          d. organic matter and S

32. The effective precipitation must penetrate to depth of ________ in soil

                a. 1-5 cm              b. 5-7 cm

                c. 8-9 cm              *d. 10-12 cm

33. Low infiltration in fine textured soils results in .

                *a. water erosion   b. wind erosion

                   c. both a & b         d. glacier erosion

34. Final condition of soil after tillage have been performed is called

                a. primary tillage      b zero tillage

                c. minimum tillage   *d. tilth

35. For secondary tillage implements ______ is used

                a. Sub soiler       b. Mould bold plough

                c. Disc plough   *d. Cultivator

36. The process of removing excess soluble salts or excess exchangeable sodium from soils is called

                   a. fertilization     b. scarification

                *c. reclaimation   d. starification

37. Which one is not a practice of water conservation?

                a. mulching         *b. fallowing

                c. contouring      d. terracing

38. In Pakistan the area under forest is __________

                *a. 2.5%               b. 5%

                  c. 7%                   d. 25%

39. ____  =   % sand + % silt+ % clay

                *a. index of erodibility   b. index of texture

                   c. index of fertility        d. index of productivity

40. In Pakistan monsoon rainy sesason begins in ______

                   a.Early May     b. Mid June

                *c. Mid July       d. Late December

41. Which one is form of wind erosion?

a. extrusion          b. abrasion

c. suspension     *d. both a & b

42. The future food security depends on _____

                *a.Sustainable agriculture

                b. Organic farming

                c. Genetic engineering

                d. Diversified farming

43. Humid areas receives rainfall more than _________

                *a. 1000 mm      b. 500 mm

                 c. 300 mm         d. 200 mm

44. Soil texture refers to:

                a. arrangement of soil particles          

          *b. relative proportion of soil particles

                c. organic contents of soil                                            

              d. none of them

45. Legume plants fix atmospheric _____________

                *a.          Nitrogen

                b.            Phosphorus

                c.             Potash

                d.            Sulpher

46.   The objective of tillage is to:

                a. breaking of hard pan                                     b. controlling weeds

                c. separate diseased seeds                                          *d. both b & c

47.   The movement of water from roots to leaves of plants takes place through _________

                                a.            Phloem

                *             b.            Xylem

                                c.             Stomata

                                d.            None of the above

48.   Meteorology is the science of ____________

                *             a.            Atmosphere

                                b.            Crop production

                                c.             Soil management

                                d.            Water management

49.   Which one is not a type of water erosion?

                a. sheet erosion                                                   b. gully erosion

                c. rill erosion                                                                      *d. run off

50.   Which one is example of natural mulch?

                *a. cultivation                                                    b. crop residues

                   c. organic manure                                                        d. both a & b

51.                   In rice growing tract the common crop rotation

                                a.            Rice-sugarcane

                                b.            Rice-cotton

                *             c.             Rice-wheat

                                d.            Rice-maize

52.   The soils containing more clay particles are _________ to water erosion

                a. more susceptible                                                         *b. less susceptible

                c. none of them                                                   d. both a & b

53.                   The underground water table is declining @ _______

                *             a. 20 cm per year.

                                b. 30 cm per year.

                                c. 40 cm per year.

                                d. 50 cm per year.

54.   ________ is mechanical manipulation of soil to provide soil condition suitable for crop growth..

                a. tilth                                                                                   *b. tillage            

                c. mulching                                                                            d. both a & b

55.   Tillering is a critical stage in ________

                                a.            Cotton

                                b.            Berseem

                           *c.              Wheat

                                d.            Maize

56.   There are _____ link canals in Pakistan.

                   a. 7                                                                                      b. 8

                *c. 9                                                                                       d. 10

57.                   Soils irrigated by tubewell water only faces the deficiency of ____________

                                a.            Phosphorus

                                b.            Nitrogen

                *             c.             Potash

                                d.            Sodium

58.   The most available soil water to crops is ________

                                a.            Hydroscopic water 

                                b.            Gravitational water

                           *c.              Capillary water

                                d.            All above

59.   Downwards movement of water within soil is called _______.

                   a. seepage                                                       b. infiltration

                *c.  percolation                                 d. absorption

60.   In Indus river main source of water is ____________

                                a.            ppt

                *             b.            Ice melt

                                c.             Rainfall

                                d.            All of these

61.   Mulching is done to control ________

                                a.            Weeds

                                b.            Evaporation of water

                                c.             Soil erosion

                           *d.             All above

62.   Which one is not a practice of controlling water erosion?

                a. terracing                                                                            b. contouring

                c. leveling                                                                            *d. wind breaks

63.   Pakistan earns about ________ of the foreign exchange. Through export of cotton, rice and other agriculture products.

                                a.            20%

                                b.            30%

                                c.             50%

                *             d.            80%

64.   The surface area of _______ soils particles is high.

                *a. fine                                                                 b. coarse

                   c. medium                                                                       d. both a & b

65.   Exchangeable sodium percentage for saline soils is _____________.

                a. equal to 15                                     *b. less than 15

                c. less than 18                                       d. more than 15

66.   Under field condition the conversion process of solar energy into chemical is ___________

                            *a.            1-2%

                                b.            3-4%

                                c.             4-5%

                                d.            5-6%

67.   Most salt tolerant grass is _________.

                   a. para grass                                    b.. giant star grass

                *c. kallar grass                   d. dab grass

68.   Soluble salts are less than 0.2% in _____________.

a. saline soil                                                b. saline sodic soil

c. sodic soil                                  d. water logged soil

69.   CO3 and HCO3 are absent in soils.

                *a. saline                                                             b. saline sodic

                    c.sodic                                                              d. water logged

70.                   _________ is known as king of fodders

                                a.            Alfalfa

                *             b.            Berseem

                                c.             Jantar

                                d.            Sorghum

71.   The main rabi season crop of Pakistan is __________

                                a.            Grain

                                b.            Miaze

                *             c.             Wheat

                                d.            Barley

72.   The top soil layer of _______ cm is considered the principle feeding zone of most of agricultural crops.

                *a. 12.5 to 22.5                                                 b. 25.5 to 35.5

                   c.  40.5 to 50.5                                                                d. 50.5 to 60.5

73.                   The average temperature for maximum plant growth is

                                a.            20-30 Co

                                b.            25-35 Co

                *             c.             28-30 Co

                                d.            25-30 Co

74.                   Oilseed crops requiring less water can tolerate ______ level of salinity

                a.            Lower   *b           Higher

                c.             Medium               d.            Both a and c

75.   Soil degradation may be ______

                a.            Physical b             Chemical

                c.             Biological             *d.         All a, b & c

76.   The soils having organic matter more than 50% are called _____.

                a. muck soils                                                                       *b. peat soil

                c. colluvial soils                                                     d. glacial soils

77.   Conveyance losses account for _________ of water delivered into a canal

                *a.          40-50% b             20-25%

                c.             20-50% d.            15-40%

78.   Which one is used to raise pH and correct acidity of the soil?

                a. magnesia                                                                           b. lye

                c. ammonia                                                                         *d. lime

79.   Contribution of CH4 towards global warming is

                a.            10%        *b           20%

                c.             25%        d.            30%

80.   Barani area counts for ______% of total area in Punjab.

                a. 10%                                                                                   *b. 20%

                c. 30%                                                                                      d. 40%

81.   Increase in atmospheric CO2 can increase

                a.            Photosynthesis b             WUE

                c.             Respiration         *d.         All a, b & c

82.   The soil particle with ________ mm diameter move by suspension.

                a. > 0.005                                                             *b. <0.05

                c. < 0.5                                                                     d. < 5

83.   Radiation responsible for global warming is

                *a.          Infrared               b.            Ultraviolet

                c.             Gamma d.            d.           None of these

84.   Which one is not a type of soil movement by wind?

                a. suspension                                                                    *b. splash

                c. saltation                                                                             d. surface creep

85.   Kinds of soil pollution are

                a.            Fertilizers            B             Industrial effluents

                   c.         Pesticides            *d.         All a, b & c

86.   The particles larger than 1 mm diameter __________.

                a. move by suspension                                     b. surface creep

                c. saltation                                                                          *d. do not move by wind

87.   Herbicides residues in the soil can be minimized by application of 

                a.            FYM       B             Irrigation

                c.             Activated C         *d.         All a, b & c

88.   The particles with 0.05 to 0.5 mm in diameter move by _______.

                   a. suspension                                                 b. surface creep

                *c. saltation                                                                        d. none of them

89.   N fertilizer pollution can be avoided by

                a.            Balanced application       B             Split application

                c.             Nitrification inhibitor      *d.         All a, b & c

90.   Application of agronomic principles to the solution of soil and water management is called _______.

                a. soil and water conservation                                    *b. conservation  Agronomy

                c. agronomic conservation                                              d. none of them

91.   Use of ________ seed is not allowed in organic farming

                a.            Chemically treated          B             Genetically engineered

                c.             Transgenic          *d.         None of these

92.   Organic contents of soil can be increased by growing _______.

                   a. clean tilled crops                                                      b. close growing crops

                *c. leguminous crop                                                        d. no crop

93.   Primary air pollutant is _________

                *a.          N2O       b             NH3

                c.             Ozone   d.            None of these

94.   Clean tilled crops _________ erosion.

                   a. protect                                                                         b. retard

                *c. encourage                                                                   d. do not affect

95.   Non-persistent pollutants is ___________

                a.            Plastic     b           Pesticide

                *c.          Agricultural waste             d.          None of these

96.   The velocity necessary to start the first particle moving is called ______.

                *a. fluid threshold velocity                                           b.  impact threshold velocity                      

                   c. economic threshold velocity                d. none of them

97.   Stress can be induced by various factors including diseases, cold or pesticides and 

                                a.            Rain

                                b.            Wind

                *             c.             Drought

                                d.            None of above

98.   The MIRS technique is currently used for identifying ideal combination of natural products to combat disease and

                                a.            Pest

                *             b.            Stress

                                c.             Drought

                                d.            None of the above

99.   Import bill of Pakistan for edible oil is about

                *             a.            786 million US $

                                b.            78 million US $

                                c.             7.8 million US $

                                d.            1786 million US $

100.                       If there is one way variation _______ design is applied

                                a.            CRD

                *             b.            RCBD

                                c.             LSD

                                d.            None

101.                       Rosette type of flower is formed due to attack of 

                                a.            White fly

                *             b.            Pink bollworm

                                c.             Spotted bollworm

                                d.            Aphid

102.                       Inclusion of a ________ crop in crop rotation in salt affected areas leads to sustainable production

                *a.          Green manure    b           Rice

                c.             Barley     d.          Pearl millet

103.                       Organic matter influences almost all the physical, chemical and ______ attributes of the soil.

                *             a.            Biological

                                b.            Productivity

                                c.             Salinity

                                d.            Alkalinity

104.                       _____ design is applied under homogeneous conditions

                *             a.            CRD

                                b.            RCBD

                                c.             LSD

                                d.            None

105.                       The major incidence of salinity and sodicity is in ______ province

                                a.            Punjan

                *             b.            Sindh

                                c.             NWFP

                                d.            Balochistan

106.                       In sustainable agriculture dependence on synthetic fertilizer and pesticide is _________

                a.            Mximum              *b           Minimum

                   c.         Optimum             d.            Total

107.                       Water use efficiency is _________ higher in drip irrigation

                *             a.            20-60%

                                b.            30-70%

                                c.             60-70%

                                d.            70-80%

108.                       Experimental error determines the ______ in the experiment

                                a.            Similarity

                *             b.            Variability

                                c.             Invariability

                                d.            None

109.                       Out of total cropped area of country about ______ % is rainfed

                                a.            75

                                b.            55

                                c.             35

                *             d.            25

110.                       In analysis of variance _______ is used to test equality of means

                                a.            LSD

                *             b.            F TEST

                                c.             DMRT

                                d.            t distribution

111.                       Salinity reduces _______ absorption by plants and indirectly induces drought inside the plant system

                *             a.            Water

                                b.            Nutrient

                                c.             Both a&b

                                d.            None of the above

112.                       Nutrients are removed from the ecosystem in the form of

                a.            Crop harvest/animal products    b.            Leaching

                c.             Volatilization      *d.         All a, b & c

113.                       Salinity tolerant genotypes are performing well in _____ regions

                                a.            Semi-arid

                *             b.            Arid

                                c.             Temperate

                                d.            Humid

114.                       ______ is one in which any individual measurement is as likely to be included as any other

                                a.            Sample

                                b.            Population

                *             c.             Random sample

                                d.            None

115.                       Total land area of Pakistan is

                *             a.            79.61 m. ha

                                b.            7.961 m. ha

                                c.             796.1 m. ha

                                d.            796.96 m.ha

116.                       A _________ is a dosage of material or a method that is to be tested in the experiment

                                a.            Randomization

                                b.            Replication

                *             c.             Treatment

                                d.            Experimental material

117.                       Intensive agriculture play a vital role in ____________

                *             a.            Chemical pollution

                                b.            Noise pollution

                                c.             Gas pollution

                                d.            None of the above

118.                       Biofertilizers produce

                a.            Harmones           B             Antibiotics

                c.             Vitamins              *d.         All a, b & c

119.                       Livestock sector of Pak accounts for ______ % of agriculture GDP

                                a.            10

                                b.            20

                *             c.             30

                                d.            40

120.                       ________ uses the relationship of a variance of means to the variance per experimental unit

                *             a.            MSB

                                b.            MSE

                                c.             MST

                                d.            NONE

121.                       Allelochemical present in sorghum is used for the control of ________

                *             a.            Deela

                                b.            Itsit

                                c.             Bansigrass

                                d.            Khabalgrass

122.                       Ultraviolet radiation can change

                a.            Plant composition            b             Biodiversity

                c.             Ecology                             *d.          All a, b & c

123.                       Crop sector of Pakistan accounts for _____ % of agricultures GDP

                *             a.            69

                                b.            55

                                c.             80

                                d.            90

124.                       _______ represents the variability among the experimental units that remain after the other sources of variation have been removed

                                a.            MSB

                *             b.            MSE

                                c.             MST

                                d.            NONE

125.                       Organic farming is essential for the control of

                                a.            Society demand

                *             b.            Pollution

                                c.             Weeds

                                d.            None of the above

126.                       Contribution of CFCs towards global warming is ______ times more than CO2

                   a.         2000         b           3000

127.                       *c.          4000         d.          None of these

                The relationship between gross domestic product (GDP) and gross national product (GNP) is

                                a.            Always equal

                                b.            GDP is more than GNP

                *             c.             GNP is more than GDP

                                d.            GNP may be more or less than GDP

128.                       In linear regression equation Y = a+bx, ________ is regression coefficient

                                a.            Y

                                b.            a

                *             c.             b

                                d.            x

129.                       Sugarcane crop is a __________ crop

                                a.            Aromatic

                *             b.            Non aromatic

                                c.             Fibre

                                d.            None of the above

130.                       Concentration of CFCs in atmosphere is ______ times less than CO2

                   a.         1000       B             5000

                *c.          10000    d.            20000

131.                       Average sugarcane yield of the country is about

                *             a.            48 t/ha

                                b.            48 maunds/ha

                                c.             70 t/ha

                                d.            70 maunds/ha

132.                       _____ is the amount of change in the dependent variable associated with a unit change in independent variable

                                a.            Correlation

                *             b.            Regression

                                c.             Linear correlation

                                d.            None

133.                       __________ is an aromatic crop         

                                a.            Wheat

                                b.            Maize

                *             c.             Rice

                                d.            Cotton

134.                       Green house effect is mainly due to

                a.            CH4        *b           CO2

                c.             CFCs      d.            None of these

135.                       Delta of water for spring planted sugarcane is

                *             a.            52-55 acre inches

                                b.            58-61 acre inches

                                c.             64-70 acre inches

                                d.            80 acre inches

136.                       ________ measures the closeness of the relationship

                                a.            Regression

                                b.            Correlation

                *             c.             Coefficient of correlation

                                d.            None

137.                       To minimize health hazards due to heavy metals following crops could be grown

                a.            Fruits                                  b             Cereals

                c.             Leaf vegetables                 *d.         Both a & b

138.                       Seed rate for sugarcane is about

                                a.            8 maunds/acre

                                b.            8 maunds/ha

                                c.             8 tonnes/acre

                *             d.            8 tonnes/ha

139.                       ________ is the tendency of two variables to be related in a definite manner

                                a.            Regression

                *             b.            Correlation

                                c.             Coefficient of correlation

                                d.            None

140.                       Post harvest technology and value _______ emphasizes supply of quality products for ever changing demand.

                *             a.            Addition

                                b.            Marketing

                                c.             Demand

                                d.            None of the above

141.                       In soils polluted with heavy metals liming can

                a.            Increase pH          b           Reduce metal solubility

                c.             Reduce metal availability               *d.         All a, b & c

142.                       The top portion of sugarcane shows rapid germination because in this part

                                a.            Sugar is in sucrose form 

                *             b.            Sugar is in glucose form

                                c.             Apical cells are dividing rapidly

                                d.            Auxins are in higher concentration

143.                       A characteristic of a sample is

                *             a.            Statistic

                                b.            Statistics

                                c.             Parameter

                                d.            Variable

144.                       Weeds are mostly _____________

                                a.            C3 plants

                *             b.            C4 plants

                                c.             CAM

                                d.            None of the above

145.                       Examples of non-point source pollutants is

                a.            Oil spill                                b.           Eroded soil

                c.             Fertilizer run-off               *d.         Both b & c

146.                       Two budded setts of sugarcane are placed in furrows

                                a.            8-10 cm apart

                                b.            30 cm apart

                *             c.             End to end

                                d.            60 cm apart

147.                       A characteristic of a population is called

                                a.            Statistic

                                b.            Statistics

                *             c.             Parameter

                                d.            Variable

148.                       Remote sensing is simply obtaining information about an object touching the object as

                *             a.            Without

                                b.            With

                                c.             Both a&b

                                d.            None of the above

149.                       Air pollution can

                a.            Raise earth temperature              B             Cause Ozone depletion

                c.             Cause acid rains                           *d.            All a, b & c

150.                       Sugarcane crop requires soil

                *             a.            Medium to heavy textured

                                b.            Light to medium textured

                                c.             Light to heavy textured

                                d.            All of these

151.                       Specific measurement of a variable is

                                a.            Variation

                *             b.            Variate

                                c.             Variety

                                d.            None

152.                       Sex pheromones traps are used for the pest of

                                a.            Pink bollworm

                                b.            American bollworm

                *             c.             Both a & b

                                d.            None of the above

153.                       Methane is released from _________

                a.            Paddy field                          b             Livestock farm

                c.             Action of termites’          *d.         All a, b and c

154.                       In cotton (on clayey soils) first irrigation is recommended after _____ days of seeding

                *             a.            40-50

                                b.            20-30

                                c.             30-35

                                d.            25-30

155.                       The unit of experimental material to which a treatment is applied is called

                                a.            Experiment

                *             b.            Experimental unit

                                c.             Sample

                                d.            Sampling unit

156.                       Dependence of cotton on mycorrhizae fungus is _________

                *a.          Very high             b             High

                   c.         Low                        d.            Very low

157.                       Cotton crop requires

                                a.            4 irrigations

                *             b.            5-6 irrigations

                                c.             6-7 irrigations

                                d.            7-8 irrigations

158.                       The assignment of treatments to experimental units so that all units considered have any equal chance of receiving is called

                                a.            Replication

                *             b.            Randomization

                                c.             Local control

                                d.            Treatments

159.                       One of the following insects acts as a Vector (Carrier) for CLCV

                *             a.            White fly

                                b.            Aphids

                                c.             Jassids

                                d.            None of the above

160.                       Root fungus like mycorrhizae can immobilize heavy metals like _________

                a.            Zn           B             Mn

                c.             Cd           *d.         a, b & c

161.                       In saline soils cotton seed is dibbled on

                *             a.            One side of ridge

                                b.            Both sides of ridge

                                c.             At the top of the ridge

                                d.            None of these

162.                       The procedure for research is generally known as

                                a.            Research approach

                *             b.            Scientific method

                                c.             Experiment

                                d.            None

163.                       Allelochemicals are used for the control of _______

                                a.            Disease

                                b.            Insect

                *             c.             Weeds

                                d.            None of the above

164.                       Mycorrizae increase nutrient absorbing capacity of plant roots for _____

                a.            P             b.            K

                c.             Fe           *d.         a, b & c

165.                       A good recommended stand for cotton varies from

                *             a.            40000-50000 ha-1

                                b.            50000-60000 ha-1

                                c.             60000-70000 ha-1

                                d.            70000-80000 ha-1

166.                       Systematic inquiry into a subject to discover new facts or principles is called

                                a.            Scientific method

                *             b.            Research

                                c.             Experiment

                                d.            None

167.                       B.T. stand for in B.T. cotton

                *             a.            Bacillus thuringensis 

                                b.            Bemisia tabaci

                                c.             Bemisia trachypterus

                                d.            None of the above

168.                       In organic agriculture rate of extraction from ______ do not exceed the rate of regeneration.

                a.            Forests B                             b.Underground water resources

                c.             None of a & b                   *d.         Both a and b

169.                       The optimum soil pH for cotton crop is

                *             a.            6.8-7.7

                                b.            7.7-8.6

                                c.             Above 8

                                d.            Below 6

170.                       Latin square design is _______ flexible than the randomized complete block design

                                a.            More

                *             b.            Less

                                c.             Equal

                                d.            None

171.                       Different methods to reduce endotoxins in cotton fibres are, mechanical cleaning, water washing, steaming and ________ 

                *             a.            Flash heating

                                b.            Sun drying

                                c.             Air blowing

                                d.            None of the above

172.                       Organic farming deals with _________

                a.            Only crops           B             Agroforestry

                c.             Animal husbandry           *d.         a, b & c

173.                       Cereal grains should be dried to a moisture level of ______% for safe storage

                *             a.            10-12%

                                b.            12-15%

                                c.             15-18%

                                d.            18-22%

174.                       Latin square design usually will minimize ______ effectively the influence of soil heterogeneity

                                a.            Less

                *             b.            More

                                c.             Not at all

                                d.            None

175.                       Systematic inquiry into a subject to discover new facts or principles is called

                                a.            Scientific method

                *             b.            Research

                                c.             Experiment

                                d.            None

176.                       Green manuring is essential for improving _______ in the rice-wheat cropping

                *             a.            Soil health

                                b.            Soil salinity

                                c.             Alkalinity

                                d.            None of the above

177.                       There is ___________ potential for utilization of crop residues

                   a.         25%          b           40%

                *c.          50%          d.          75%

178.                       The dose of fungicide for seed treatment is

                                a.            3 kg/kg of seed

                                b.            3 g/g of seed

                *             c.             3 g/kg of seed

                                d.            10 g/kg of seed

179.                       The ________ is probably the most widely used of all experimental design

                                a.            CRD

                *             b.            RCBD

                                c.             LSD

                                d.            None

180.                       The new technology for maize growing is through

                *             a.            Transplanting

                                b.            Drilling

                                c.             Dibbling

                                d.            None of the above

181.                       In conventional agriculture emphasis is given on _________ recycling of ____

                a.            Crop residues    b             Animal waste

                c.             Municipal waste               *d.         None of these

                Captan is used as

                                a.            Insecticide

                *             b.            Fungicide

                                c.             Weedicide

                                d.            None of these

182.                       Three basic principles of experimental design are randomization, replication and _______

                *             a.            Local control

                                b.            Sampling

                                c.             Blocking

                                d.            None

183.                       Vermi-compost has _______ effect on sugarcane yield and quality

                                a.            Negative

                *             b.            Positive

                                c.             Less

                                d.            None of the above

184.                       Organic farming depends on _____

                a.            Crop rotation                        b          Organic manure

                c.             Biological pest control    *d.         All a, b and c

185.                       Optimum plant population in case of maize grain crop is

                *             a.            55000-66000 ha-1

                                b.            66000-88000 ha-1

                                c.             45000-50000 ha-1

                                d.            70000-80000 ha-1

                There are _____ basic principles of experimental design

                                a.            2

                *             b.            3

                                c.             4

                                d.            5

186.                       Raya L-18 successfully grown on

                                a.            Waterlogged soil

                *             b.            Saline soil

                                c.             Alkaline soil

                                d.            None of the above

187.                       N-fixing biofertilizers are ___________

*a.          Azotobacter       b.            Bacillus

c.             Penicillium          d.            None of these

188.                       The optimum moisture content in rice grain at harvesting should be about

                                a.            8%

                *             b.            20%

                                c.             28%

                                d.            35%

189.                       Any quantity or quality which differs from individual to individual in the same population is

                                a.            Continuous variable

                *             b.            Statistical variable

                                c.             Discrete variable

                                d.            None

190.                       By adaptation of zero-till technology farmer can save _____ irrigation water

                                a.            20%

                                b.            25%

                *             c.             40%

                                d.            60%

191.                       Integrated weed control includes only

                a.            Ecological approach        b             Biological approach

                c.             Cultural approach            *d.         All of a, b and c

192.                       In rice water depth higher than ____ affects tillering

                *             a.            10 cm

                                b.            15 cm

                                c.             18 cm

                                d.            22 cm

193.                       A specified value of a population is

                                a.            Panel

                *             b.            Parameter

                                c.             Parameteric test

                                d.            None

194.                       A tractor drawn ZDTD has been developed for sowing of

                                a.            Rice

                                b.            Maize

                                c.             Sugarcane

                *             d.            Wheat

195.                       Biofertilizers include _____________.

                a.            Rhizobium           b             Blue green algae

                c.             Mycorrhiza         *d.         A, b & c

196.                       Sunflower contributes about _______ to the country’s total edible oil production

                                a.            Less than 1%

                                b.            Less than 5%

                                c.             Above 10%

                *             d.            Above 20%

197.                       A tentative answer to a research problem expressed in the form of a relation between independent and dependent variables is

                                a.            Theory

                *             b.            Hypothesis

                                c.             Experiments

                                d.            None

198.                       Parachute transplanting of rice saved irrigation water

                                a.            30%

                                b.            20%

                *             c.             60%

                                d.            10%

199.                       Inhibition of Rhizobium spp. will result in _________ of green cropping

                *a.          Failure                  b             Decrease

                c.             Increase               d.            None of these

200.                       The recommended distance between plants and rows in rice is

                *             a.            22×22 cm

                                b.            30×30 cm

                                c.             22×30 cm

                                d.            17×22 cm

201.                       A research design that allows one to examine simultaneously the effects of two or more independent variables on the dependent variable is called

                *             a.            Factorial design

                                b.            RCBD

                                c.             CRD

                                d.            LSD

202.                       By parachute transplanting rice, saving of labour is

                                a.            40%

                                b.            30%

                *             c.             60-70%

                                d.            50%       

203.                       BT cotton produce protein that makes cotton resistant against ________

                a.            Glyphosate           b           Round-up

                *c.          Both a & b             d.          Paraquot

204.                       Rice nursery of fine varieties should not be sown before

                *             a.            June 1

                                b.            May 20

                                c.             June 7

                                d.            June 20

205.                       A measure that specifies the range of a value within which any %age of the sample mean  is located is called

                                a.            Conditional variable

                *             b.            Confidence interval

                                c.             Confidentiality

                                d.            None

206.                       Black layer appears at physiological maturity in

                                a.            Rice

                *             b.            Maize

                                c.             Cotton

                                d.            Wheat

207.                       Bioherbicide can be applied as a _____________

                   a.         Water spray       b             Sand mix application

                *c.          Both a & b           d.            None of a & b                   

208.                       Dry method of sowing rice nursery requires _______ than wet method

                *             a.            10-20% more seed

                                b.            10-20% less seed

                                c.             20-30% more seed

                                d.            20-30% lees seed

209.                       The acceptance of a false null hypothesis is

                                a.            Type I error

                *             b.            Type II error

                                c.             Type III error

                                d.            None

210.                       An economical alternative of rice transplanting to a traditional practices is

                *             a.            Parachute rice transplanting

                                b.            Direct seeding

                                c.             Transplanting

                                d.            None of the above

211.                       Bioherbicide has _________ to kill weeds

                   a.         Microbial plant pathogens           b             Fungal spores

                *c.          Both a & b           d.            None of a & b

212.                       ________ is recommended for reclamation of saline soils

                *             a.            Calcium sulphate

                                b.            Magnesium sulphate

                                c.             TSP

                                d.            CAN

213.                       The rejection of a true null hypothesis is

                *             a.            Type I error

                                b.            Type II error

                                c.             Type III error

                                d.            None

214.                       Rice plant respires via __________

                                a.            Parenchyma cell

                *             b.            Aerenchyma cell

                                c.             Chlorenchyma cell

                                d.            None of the above

215.                       Shelf life of a bioherbicide is _______

                *a.          Six weeks            b.            Nine weeks

                   c.         Twelve weeks   d.            Fifteen weeks

Choosing a right crop will help you grow as a farmer. It will enable you to get high income using less inputs. is a compendium of Agriculture related subjects. All types of information, production technologies, plant protection measures is here on this site both in English and Urdu. Our goal is to disseminate the knowledge of production technologies of crops among farmers to promote all Pakistan Agriculture. And also enable them to adopt plant protection measures without depending on the profiteering dealers. Moreover, it is also a top platform for the Pakistan Agriculture graduates to get latest information on the crops and plant protection measures.

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