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Sesame in Urdu / تِل کی کاشت

Last updated on January 22nd, 2024 at 02:22 pm

New Varieties of Sesame in Urdu for Year 2024

  1. Anmol Till (انمول تل)
  2. TH-6 (ٹی ایچ – 6)
  3. TS-5 (ٹی ایس – 5)
  4. Black King (بلیک کنگ)
  5. NIAB Millennium (نیاب ملینیم)
  6. NIAB Pearl (نیاب پرل)
  7. NIAB Till 2016 (نیاب تل 2016)
Sesame in Urdu
Sesame in Urdu
Sesame in Urdu

Source: Sesame in urdu, Literature by Government of Punjab, Agriculture Department, Pakistan

Literature: Sesame in Urdu, ZTBL, Pakistan

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