Main Tips for Agriculture Test

The main BPS-17 posts related to Government of the Punjab, Agriculture Department are as follows:

  • Agriculture Officer / Cotton Inspector / Farm Manager
  • Instructor in the Agriculture Training Institutes
  • Water Management Officer
  • Agriculture Research Officer
  • Research Officer
All these posts require preparation of test which is conducted by Public Service Commissions of the provinces in Pakistan.

The tests are comprised of:
  • 80% Subject related material
  • 20% General Knowledge
Subject related portion can be mainly prepared by studying the following material:
  •  Production Technologies of all Major Crops in Pakistan. (Especially their varieties, seed rates, sowing times etc.)
  • Production Technologies of important minor crops (fodders, medicinal etc.)
  • MCQs given in the website as these are especially selected for preparation. Link is here
  • Books exclusively on Agriculture. Especially “Basics of Agriculture” and “General Agriculture”.
All these tips may be used to get the top marks in all kinds of Agriculture related tests.

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