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Saffron Flowers / Crocus | زعفران کے پھول

Botanical Name of Flowers

Crocus sieberi is the name of Saffron Flowers




South West Asia

Plant Description –

7cm- 10cm height, Grass like leaves,single flowers are born on stalk, grown in pots as well as in beds, Flower colour is white, red, orange, pink, blue, yellow etc. Used as border plantation cut flower & grown commercially.

Sowing Time-    



Cream Beauty, Fairy, Violet Queen, Fire Fly, Queen of Blues, Blue purple, Green Beauty, Early Perfection.


Well drained, fertile soil, soil PH 6-7 

Pot Media-

1 Part Silt+1 Part Sand+1 Part leaf Manure+1 Part FYM

Zafran Sowing method-

  • sown in pots and on raised beds
  • R×R-   6 inches                                              
  • B×B-   3 inches
  • Depth- 1 inches


NPK 1 kg/100 ft²

Hoeing and Earthing up –

Hoe when plants gained 6 inches height & earthed up.

Harvesting of Saffron Flowers

Harvest spike when flower bud give colour

Digging of Bulbs and Bulblets-

Dig out bulbs and bulblets when leaves become dry. Store bulbs at 15-20⁰C.

Crocus Flowers / Saffron Flowers.Hyacinth Flowers

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